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Removing Scratches from Glass and Windows

We remove scratches in glass and windows

Scratches on glass and windows is a common occurrance in residential homes and commercial buildings. Scratched glass is common during the construction or remodeling process. Many times a well-meaning, but unskilled worker tries to remove concrete or paint overspray, stickers or other residue and in the process, damages the glass. Many times a $.69 razor blade can cause literally thousands of dollars in scratched glass damage.

Unfortunately, graffiti scratched into glass and mirrors in commercial buildings is on the rise and is expected to continue to plague building owners and managers. Brite & Clean Windows can remove graffiti scratches in glass at your office building or place of business, and return the property to looking like a first class building.

removining scrached glass on windows

There is hope for Scratched Glass Damage

Brite & Clean Windows has earned a reputation since the late 1990's as being the experts when it comes to removing scratches from glass and windows. This expertise will help you save thousands of dollars in window and glass replacement by removing the scratches instead.

So, how do we do it?

Grind and polish and grind and polish and polish and polish....well, you probably get the idea. It takes the tools, the skills and the determination to return a scratched window back to a new-looking condition again.

Preventing scratched glass before it happens

One of the best was to address scratched glass issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Discontinuing use of razor blades is a good start. Brite & Clean Windows also offers protective coatings for the glass and windows to greatly reduce the likelihood of damage during construction, remodeling or day-to-day use. Probably the best long term solution is the patented Diamon-Fusion process. This process actually makes the glass about 10X harder to scratch than ordinary glass.

The way it makes the glass more resistant to scratching is because it actually makes the glass more slippery. This reduction in surface friction reduces the chances of getting scratches damage on your windows, windshields, glass tabletops or shower doors.

Reduce scratches in the first place with the Diamon-Fusion process