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Shower Door Cleaning and Hard Water Stain Removal

Remove hard water stains on shower doors

Nearly everyone who has taken a shower has experienced the frustration that comes from the water stains and soap scum that is left behind following each shower.


Over time, hard water stains accumulate on your shower doors and can cause permanent, or nearly permanent damage to the shower door glass.


We intentionally use the word 'nearly permanent' because, contrary to what you may have been told by your maid, glass company or even another window cleaning company other than Brite & Clean Windows™, no hard water stain is ever permanent on a shower door or a window. You just have to know what to use and how to use it.

hard water stains on shower doors

More importantly, all you really need to know is who to call. That call should be made to the hard water stain removal experts at Brite & Clean Windows™.


After we have removed the hard water stain accumulation or have removed the nearly permanent water stains that have frustrated you for years, you should do what you can to prevent future water stains.


Some people think that they must squeegee off their shower door glass after each and every shower in order to prevent hard water stains from appearing. These people have probably never heard of, let alone used, the patented award-winning protective technology called Diamon-Fusion®.


Patented in 2001, the Diamon-Fusion® technology helps prevent water stains from coming back. Nearly all the water runs off of the shower glass doors during your shower.

Diamon-Fusion 3D surface coating

All you need is just a simple wipe and go for any of the tiny remaining drops that might not have run down the glass during the shower.


No cleaning chemicals are needed,

No squeegee is needed.

No mess is left behind.

No kidding.


It really saves you a lot of time and cleaning effort.